movement no. 5

time lapse video / live performance
tara ernst / shannon moreno / farley johansson

Video / Concept and Direction: Tara Ernst
Performance / Choreography: Shannon Moreno and Farley Johansson

Movement as a notation in dance as well as music is directly related to timing and rhythm, gesture and expression and the spaces in between. For their project Movement No. 5 artist Tara Ernst and dancer / choreographers Shannon Moreno and Farley Johansson combine film and live dance to play with the deeper notions of time. Time-lapse images recorded over the course of several hours in a closed studio are later condensed into a twenty-minute film which is then projected as a moving backdrop during the live performance. Movement No. 5 combines minimal elements and gestures, both live and recorded, to create a subtle yet enchanting interplay between movement and time.

This project was produced exclusively for the production Making Time which was performed at The Scotia Bank Dance Center (Vancouver) in June 2003.

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